A visionary involved with education since 2009, he has travelled a long way making his name synonymous with quality education. Over the past years, he has been involved in sowing seeds of intellectuals across Tiruvannamalai District. Through his tireless determination, sublime vision and sheer will, he has scripted glorious chapters in the academic arena. Known in circles as someone who values commitment to the cause, he has had a spotless track record in the field of education.



He sees lifelong learning as a goal for all and learning should be about passion and ambition with quality at its very heart. His focus would be to provide each of our students with the opportunity to fulfill their ambitions, dreams and goals and recognize their small or big achievements. He seeks to unlock the budding talent by providing a thriving, dynamic, supportive and challenging environment.


Vice Chairman

A Business Icon, A teacher, consultant, and a Wood Trade professional turned entrepreneur he has a varied experience of years in the field of Education, Sports and Games. His work experience includes tenures across various media verticals and profiles; Over the years, he has managed to develop a considerable understanding of education as a quality service provider and communicating large sized brands. He wishes to be a part of the great India story playing his role in the field of skills development and education.


Secretary & Correspondent

An educator, mentor and Doctor with specialisation in the subject of Child Peadogogy, with more than 20 years of coaching marathon Runners. Throughout his career, Dr.Vijayakumar has displayed a great level of perseverance and patience with a higher sense of responsibility and positive attitude. A Doctor and An educationist who is focused, effective communicator with excellent team building & management skills. What dries Dr,K Vijayakumar is his ability to work in a competitive environment; wherein he looks to synergize his knowledge and skills to achieve prolific upshots, progress in the tasks assigned.



He seeks to help build responsible citizens and actively promote community responsibility, He is active members of local, regional, communities and he seeks to engender amongst learners a sense of tolerance, understanding and integrity. He seeks partners in our parents, where we shall commit to work together to build good relationships within and beyond the school gates.