R. CHITRA, Adl Correspondent

1. Master of Commerce
2. Post Graduation Diploma in Montessori Training
3.Participated in one day "Capacity Building Programme on Life Skills" facilitated by CBSE on 31.01.19 in Salem.
4. Participated in one day "Capacity Building Programme on Remodelled Structure of Assesment for Secondary Classes" facilitated by CBSE on 02.02.19 in Salem

In 16th Feb'2019, She received EDUCATIONIST PAR EXCELLENCE-2019" award from The Raymond & KK Apparel.


Mrs R. Chitra is an educator, mentor and governess with specialization in the subject of Commerce , Business Administration, with more than 9 years of teaching experience. Throughout her career, Mrs. R.Chitra has displayed a great level of firmness and patience with a higher sense of responsibility and positive attitude. An educationist who is focused, effective communicator with excellent team building & management skills. What dries Mrs. R.Chitra is her ability to work in a competitive environment; wherein she looks to synergize her knowledge and skills to achieve prolific upshots, progress in the tasks assigned.

The Educational Institution should be a secure, pleasant and supportive environment; where all members of the school should respect each other and treat others in the way they would want to be treated themselves. Pinkz Public School not only lays a strong importance on academics but also help develop each and every student into a well-rounded individual. We aim to actively support and monitor equal opportunities and are sensitive to the issues of race, gender, social background and culture.

She is champion of an athletic in 1500 meters. She is good sports womwn too. She also believe the parent is also a part of the team working to further aspiration of a student. Our Endeavour at Pinkz Public School is to equip our students with the best in the world, to the best of our capabilities.

R. KAVITHA, Academic Administrator

1. Bachelor of Science
2. Bachelor of Education
3. Post Graduation Diploma in Montessori Training
4. Diploma in Yoga
5. Diploma in Home Science
6. Participated in one day "Capacity Building Programme on Life Skills"
facilitated by CBSE on 31.01.19 in Salem.
7. Participated in one day "Capacity Building Programme on Remodeled
Structure of Assessment for Secondary Classes facilitated by CBSE on
02.02.19 in Salem

In 16th Fen'2019, She received "EDUCATIONIST PAR EXCELLENCE'2019" award from the The Raymond & KK Apparel.


“I have never let my schooling Interfere with my education”

She is a Teacher, Logistician, Academic Consultant, Bibliophile and a Educational Professional. She has 9 years experience of years in the field of Education.

Her work experience includes tenures across various media verticals and profiles; She wishes to be a part of the Pinkz Power Expo-2014, Pinkz Zoom-2016 playing her role in the field of skills development and education. He also runs a “Readers Circle” for SSLC and H.Sc students in cheyyar. At Pinkz she try everyday to include the best practices from around the world and also strive to make Pinkz Campus every day. She believe in making Pinkz an extremely open, frank and student centric environment by taking due care of each and every child.

Mrs. KASI SANKARESHWARI, Academic Administrator

1. Bachelor of Business Administration
2. Post Graduation Diploma in Montessori Training

In 16th Feb'2019, She received "Womyn Icon'2018" from The Reymond & KK Apparel


A transmittable smile and a warmth that radiates to the entire alliance of Pinkz Public School, Mrs. Kaasi Sankareshwari is the most cherished connecting link between Management, staff and the students. Mrs.Kasi Sankareshwari believes in being a lifelong learner. She has also undertaken special training innovative teaching and learning methods that lead to ensure completeness in development, pruning any inconsistencies, with expertise.

Mrs Kasi Sankareshwari is an avid story teller, who has impressed many children across the class rooms to bring back ideas and imbibe practices, which have further enriched the school profoundly. She is an embodiment of motherly tenderness and genuineness, extending loving care to each and every child. Her laudable efforts lead to the profuse blossoming of inherent talent and confidence, thus adding new dimensions to the holistic development of each student.

GENA BETSY P J, Principal,

1. Master of Science in Geography
2. Master of Philosophy in Geography
3. Master of Arts in Education
4. Post graduate in English Language Teaching

1. Attended seminar on logic of 21st century schools in Chennai 1995
2. Under gone scouts and guides training in seshan chavadi in salem in 1998
3. Attended Capacity Building Programme on social science in salem 2017
4. Attended Tamil Nadu CBSE Principals meeting with education minister Mr. Senkottaiyan in chennai 2017
5. Attended Principals meeting in Karnataka in December 2018
6. Attended Principals Induction Program in Salem in 2016,17,18 & 2019
7. Attended Capacity Building Program on Remodeled Assessment
8. Attended Capacity Building Program on life skills
9. Member of UN volunteers
10. Member of UN top 10 principals
11. Students Career Counselor

Rolls and responsibilities

1. Being Tamil Nadu Private Educational Institutions Teachers Association’s Women’s Wing Leader
2. Being State President of All India Principals Association
3. Being the National Panel Advisor for Schoolie which supports students from Weaker Sections
4. Being Executive Member of Igniting Dreams Of Young Minds Foundation (IDYM).
5. Member and Writer of writers club of India
6. Student’s counselor on facing board exams
7. Staff counselor on knowing their roles and nurturing staff on it.
8. Parent counselor on how to be the best motivator of their ward understanding their Psychology.
9. Possessed different positions like teacher, Academic Coordinator, H O D of Geography department, part time tutor for B.ed students, Centre Head for an International school, Vice – Principal and Principal
My responsibility i do feel is…

  • To be the best teacher to my students at the time of teaching
  • To be the best friend to my students on sharing their views and visions
  • To be the best mom on knowing the needs of my students regarding their education and feeding it, nurturing them and bring them under comfortable zone to have good concentration in studies.
  • To be the best guide to my staff.

Awards received on the titles

  • Best Principal Award
  • Dhronachariya Award
  • Ideal Principal Award