Following are some of the facilities that the school provides today

  • Arts
  • Day Boarding
  • Science Blocks
  • Dining Hall
  • School Dispensary
  • Library
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Language Lab
  • Music
  • Sports Facilities


Arts and Music stimulate a totally different part of a student’s intellect and imagination. Students pursue these hobbies with passion and spend much of their free time in the Art and Music Schools that are housed separately. Our art exhibitions and music concerts elicit an excellent response, which is a reward in itself, for talented students and dedicated teachers.

Painting, pottery, screen-printing and hand-bock printing are some of the arts the students learn. The various sculptures that adorn the beautiful campus of pinkz are a testimony to their creativity.

Science Block well-equipped Biology, Physics and Chemistry Laboratories, a state-of the-art computer Department are constantly buzzing with activity.

Dining Hall

Meals are taken in the Central Dining Hall (CDH) with Masters and Dames supervising lunch.

The school has recently renovated the Dining Hall. It is more spacious and user friendly now. The dining hall caters to three hundred people at a time. Stress is laid on quality, nutrition and hygiene. The dietitian on the panel reviews the menu from time to time. A huge variety of food with various diet options is available for the students. The food ranges from regional to continental, Chinese etc. The menus are not fixed and are changed on weekly basis. We are very conscious about the quality of food service and products are put to regular medical checkups. The kitchen is well equipped with modernized equipment.


The Pinkz Public School Library Provides academic resources for all constituents of the school – students, faculty and administrative staff. The library strives to make resources readily accessible when and wherever they are needed to enhance and promote the total growth and development of the students. The library endeavors to provide students with opportunities to learn how to utilize materials in a variety of formats to access information so that they can continue life long learning.

Multipurpose Hall

A large Multi-Purpose Hall is the centre of considerable activity and has facilities for indoor dance, dramatics and musical performances.

It also houses an audiovisual room and a gymnasium. Here we conduct Teacher’s Centre which is used for seminars, lectures and teacher enhancement programmes.


The school inaugurated a Music department, with modern and updated spaces and facilities, which dramatically increased the interest in things music at pinkz.

The Music school offers training in vocal, drums, guitar, violin and piano. Many of these instruments are played by the students at Assembly every morning. The Addition of western classical and popular music have been enthusiastically received by the students.