Inclusive spotlight on individual's achievement.


“The aptitude to learn is a bequest; The ability to learn is a skill; The enthusiasm to learn is a choice.” Let's get involved with Engage you in Pinkz

Fundamentals of Pinkz Academic Program

How does Pinkz Public School interact with Students?

A tinge of old with the amalgamation of new, the school strives hard to materialize the dreams of the future citizens getting molded in its assertion. We, at PINKZ, nurture them in a manner where a child can grow step by step. To sustain the growth and development of each and every member of PInkz, we mandatorily look into the following;

  • Maximum 30 Students Per Class
  • Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement
  • Educational Infotaimnt and Academic Presentations
  • Compulsory Morning Assembly
  • Holistic Intra-House Competitions
  • Olympiad Examination
  • Focus on Discipline & Rigor
  • Beyond School Teaching


Education without the Boundary
Pinkz’s inherent strength lies in its Curriculum, which is completely ingrained in the modern pedagogy and a perfect balance of Academics to Activity. Each and every Lesson Plan is designed to involve, engage and entertain students...


A Pinkz Publication
Pinkz's BEYOND SCHOOL TEACHING are Pinkz Public School series every term. It carries a roundup of all the activities and brain storm activism contributed by the students and teachers as well...


Everybody is a political person, whether you say you are silent. A political attitude is not what you go to parliament; it's how you deal with your life, with your surroundings.

TAP - Track At Pinkz …

TAP : Track At Pinkz is basically a Personally Intelligence Questionnaire which teachers fill for each and every student. Teacher lists down strength, weakness and set practical goals over the course of next year. The set of Goals are appraised every quarter and worked upon for the next coming quarters of the year. Here the teacher also lists down anecdote details about performances and participation of the student in a month reporting format. The TAP is transformed from one year’s class teacher to the other to which student is progressing to give new teacher a ready-made analysis and information about his/her incoming students of the class.TAP is a tool used by us to empower teachers with the Following.

  • Act as councilor to the student becoming his/her confidante
  • Create a defined path of progress for student against set goals
  • Make parents understand their child and create a measurable effort to impact matrix with respect to schools.

Pinkz's House System - The Pride of Pinkz

Year Long Camaraderie & Competition
The School is divided into Four Houses which compete across range of competitions to prove their mettle throughout the year