Board Affiliation

Pinkz Public School is affiliated to the Board of Education-Tamil Nadu for classes VI to XII. The school is also yet to affiliated with ICSE for classes I to V. Pinkz Public School is now leading best top School in Tiruvannamalai District-Tamil Nadu.

Registration Rules

Registration forms are available at Pinkz Knowledge Chamber-Pinkz Public School, Kasthambadior you can request for the school prospectus.The registration form is priced at INR 300/-. This registration amount is non refundable and will not guarantee admission.

Admission Procedure

Following registration, all candidates will be assessed on their academic abilities and performance in English, Mathematics and Science. Assessment will be based on minimal development levels required at the conclusion of the previous class, in keeping with the school’s syllabus. But it’s not mandatory for the Admission

Admissions to Grade 11 will be on the basis of the Board examination results The assessment will be followed by an interview which will be aimed at determining the congruency of the parental point of view with that of the school’s and interpreting the subject scores of the students with regard to their potential, aptitude, personality, intelligence, sporting skills, aesthetic and creative abilities and any other criterion deemed notable by the admission committee. Failure to attend the above interview will cause the registration to lapse. In such case, the registration will be considered null and void and the registration fees will be forfeited. The admission committee will be the final arbitrator in such cases and may at its discretion conduct another test in genuine cases, if so justified.

Above assessment results will be based firmly on merit and will be subject to stipulation mentioned here by the admission committee, subsequent seats will be presented in order of merit.

The Admission committee will be capable with the right to refuse the application of any student.

The minimum age requirement for admission to Pinkz Public School’ is 3.5 years.

Pinkz Public School, is a school with a difference! Built on the vision that existing pedagogical traditions are not enough for the development of a well-rounded global citizen, the effort has been to incorporate into the curriculum components that are fast becoming pre-requisites to world class education. Teaching of life skills, social graces, attitude building and critical thinking skills that are aimed at building the Social Quotient (SQ) and the Emotional Quotient of the child, have been designed into the daily work calendar.

Required Documentation

The applicants are required to come ready with the following documents:

  • Date of Birth Certificate issued by Government
  • Academic transcripts of class last attended
  • 12 recent passport size photographs
  • 12 recent Stamp size photographs
  • Photographs of parents/ local guardian
  • Duly filled Admission forms(provided by school)
  • Transfer certificate from last school attended
  • Supporting prescriptions of Medical history if any


Parents who withdraw their child mid-term will not be entitled to any refund of fees.

Parents who propose in advance to withdraw their child in a given term must give due notice in writing to the Principal no less than 14days before the start of the given term

General Rules

The school lays prominence on self discipline, without discipline it is very difficult to achieve brilliance in any field. Discipline will never be harsh or humiliating and corporal punishment is eschewed. It is our aim to inculcate in each student good manners, a sense of cooperation and respect for elders. By keeping the interest of entire student body in mind, it is important to punish case of anti-social behavior. In extreme cases of misbehavior, the school may be forced to expel the offending student.


Disputes or claims of any nature whatsoever will be subject to jurisdiction of the Arni

Prohibited Items

All forms of intoxicants. pets, expensive jewelers, cash and items such as mobile phones and other communication devices will be prohibited on campus.