Pinkz is increasing by the year and by 2020 we look to become a 2000 students strong school



  1. Maths
  2. Pure Science
  3. Computer Science
  4. Business Maths



PINKZ employs more than 145 people to take care of its students

Be a part of movement called PINKZ

Pinkz Public School is very particular about the allround development of the students with Life Skills

What is the Procedure of Admissions at Pinkz Public School, Kasthambadi

it admits, the child has to go through a screening procedure to be a Pinkzian. The admission follows a three stage process

A written Test

Personal Interaction with Additional Correspondent / Principal or both

Confirmation after the submission of the admission fee

What is the Fee Structure at Pinkz Public School

The fee in detail has been mentioned on our website on the admissions, kindly click Fee Structure

When does one approach for new admissions

Each year, the School admits students across grades, the seats available depend on the seats vacant across the grades. The process of admission for the upcoming academic session begins in June of the ongoing session.

Who should I call to know more about PINKZ

The Admin and the Admission team is available at PINKZ on all the weekdays (Mon-Sat) from 10:00 - 17:00 Hrs.

To get in touch you can do the following; Call

Mrs. R. Chitra, Aditional Correspondent : +91 842824294 or

Dr. I. John Marlin Inbakumar +91 88704 38838

Visit the School Campus, located at Kasthambadi, Tiruvannamalai District

Email at pinkzpublic@gmail.com

What about Class-XI Admissions:

For Class XI At present Pinkz is offering the following;

Group- A: Maths, Physics, Chemistry Biology

Group- A1: Maths, Physics, Chemistry Computer Science

Group- B: Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology

Group- C: Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Computer Science

Group- C1: Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Business Maths

What are the documents require at the time of Admissions

The applicants are required to come ready with the following documents:

Date of Birth Certificate issued by Government

Academic transcripts of class last attended

12 recent passport size photographs

12 recent Stamp size photographs

Photographs of parents/ local guardian

Duly filled Admission forms(provided by school)

Transfer certificate from last school attended

Supporting prescriptions of Medical history if any